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Why set up a mental coaching team?

The mental coaching team of the Flemish Diving Federation, NELOS was set up by the medical commission in response to a number of diving accidents which occurred rapidly after one another in 2005. It was because of these difficult cases that the doctors realised that divers or surviving relatives were in need of psychosocial support in order to avoid or mitigate post-traumatic stress
disorder (PTSD). This is when it was decided to work with a psychologist/trauma specialist from the police.

The first emergency assistance model was based on the way in which the police work. (People have 3 basic illusions: I am invulnerable, my world is predictable, all things in life are meaningful). And if 1 of these basic illusions is damaged, there is a chance of developing PTSD)

In the first stage after a diving incident or accident, we seek to limit the impact on the people concerned. The purpose of our initial care provision is that the person concerned and those about him/her should be able to take matters again into their own hands as quickly as possible.

In short: “if you have had a bad diving experience, we are there for you and those near you, in order to assist in strengthening your mental resilience”.