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What is the problem

As long as people dive, accidents can occur. Diving federations have a long-standing tradition of treating only the medical aspects. By means of training, we try to avoid accidents, and if they happen, we know what to do (oxygen treatment, evacuation, etc.).

However, in addition to medical problems, accidents may throw people seriously out of their mental equilibrium.
Initially, attention is paid to the medical treatment of the victim.

But who/what is leftmout?

The mental aspects of the victim and those around him!

As a diving federation, it is difficult to collect statistics on this matter, but it is obvious that, because of the above situation, divers would abandon the sport of diving. Of course, this is really a pity on a human level, and for the federation/diving clubs who invest a lot of energy in training divers.

Another aspect is that if there are fatal accidents, this gets into the news. This represents negative PR for our sport. Through our mental coaching team, we can clearly demonstrate to the outside world – and hence to potential divers – that you have a safety net, paying attention to and providing processes for individual divers and diving clubs.