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The coaches

A team consists of some 10 volunteer coaches for 10,000 members.

The coaches are screened primarily for a good basic attitude for providing assistance:

  • Empathic capability, able to listen well,
  • Is able to ask open questions and dares to do so,
  • Is able to recognise/acknowledge and identify feelings,
  • Discretion, no prejudices,
  • Able to guide a conversation,
  • Able to question him/herself sufficiently, while inspiring confidence, thus retaining a suitable balance,
  • Able to set limits.

Other preconditions are:

  • To be a diver and a member of the diving federation, irrespective of certification
  • To have sufficient time and availability to react quickly to requests for help.

The professional background and formal qualifications of the candidate coach are not important. Also, no experience is required in first aid. It is nice to have a number of psychologists or workers from the emergency services (fire-fighters, paramedics, …) in the team.

Mainly, we expect there to be a number of basic characteristics that are supplemented by specialised and continuous training. Any candidates who, after six months, do not appear to be fulfilling expectations are, after feedback, kindly encouraged to leave the team.