Lesson 1, Topic 1
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At the end of the season all the equipment should be well washed, to remove all the ingrained saltpeter.

  • Then it should be shaded and stored, preventing the equipment from getting on top of each other.
  • The hoses and fins should be avoided from being bent, the mask is with the ballast belt on top, and that the vest is bent or compressed.
  • The accessory equipment, after the metal parts have been dried and lubricated, must be stored inside the respective cases.
  • Before storing the suit for a long period (winter, for example) it is advisable to pass through the washing machine at 30ยบ (light wash), except in the case of dry suits.
  • The suit should be arranged hanging on a wide hanger, away from light and heat, after a slight layer of silicone has been applied to the fasteners. Talcum powder should be applied to the parts of latex or rubber without lining.
  • The bottle should be stored in a dry place, vertically (standing), with the tap protected from any knock. Regulators can be stored hanging from the first floor, ensuring that there is no danger of falling.

Do not forget to have the annual review of the equipment to a specialized technician, to always keep it in perfect working condition