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Individual Air Consumption

Each diver has its own air consumption, which can still vary depending on the effort that each depends on diving

However, it is not difficult for a diver to calculate their air consumption in various diving conditions, as long as they know how to simulate them both in the pool and in the sea. Preferably, such tests should be carried out by using the equipment you normally use to make the test carried out more realistic.

Once the desired scenario is created, the diver must measure the pressure of the bottle before the start of the test and after it is made. The pressure difference found, multiplied by the capacity of the bottle, allows calculating the amount of air consumed during the time that the test lasted.

Recording the values obtained in the various scenarios created (e.g. colder waters, currents, more weight carried, etc.) allows the diver to make a more accurate calculation of the duration of the air available in his bottle in a diving situation identical to the simulated one. Never forget, however, that the values will change if the dive is being carried out under more serious conditions than those observed during the tests.

It should be noted the advantage of using the knowledge obtained in this type of tests, because its application can avoid some mishaps that may jeopardise the safety of the diver.