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Gloves, Socks and Boots


Like the rest of the body, if the hands are in direct contact with water they are subject to high caloric losses and in cold water, they easily become numerous and without sensitivity. In these circumstances, it quickly becomes difficult to handle the equipment or perform manoeuvres such as ear compensation, which can affect the safety of the diver. In addition, unprotected hands are subject to the abrasive action of rocks and aggressions of marine fauna.

Therefore, it is important to wear protective gloves, whatever the type of diving. Nylon-lined neoprene gloves are good protection against cold and exterior aggressions. In warm waters, non-insulating gloves can be used only to protect from external aggressions.

There is a huge variety of glove models, but your choice should be based on the comfort and ease of movement of the fingers. Like the isothermal fact, they should be fair but not tight, which would make them uncomfortable and eventually reduce circulation at the ends.


The protection of the feet is also necessary, with the aggravating factor of being more vulnerable to external aggressions due to not being visible as the hands. In addition, with cold and loss of foot sensitivity, underwater displacement becomes less efficient and sometimes painful.

The use of isothermal socks or boots also makes the use of fins more comfortable, because they prevent their friction against the skin, protecting it from possible friction burns.

While the socks are made of neoprene only, the boots have a consistent, sometimes anti-slip sole, which increases their strength and allows comfortable use on land, especially when it is necessary to walk on uneven rocks to the boat or the entry point for diving.

Like gloves, there is a huge variety of socks and boots models, and your choice should be based on comfort. Like the isothermal suit, the socks and boots should be tight but not tight, which would make them uncomfortable and eventually reduce circulation at the ends.

There are models with quick side closure, very comfortable to wear and take off, but with the inconvenience of letting in more water than the models without zippers.


Basic care in the maintenance of gloves, socks and boots are the usual: pass through fresh water and dry in the shade.