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Fixing the Bottles


The use of simple straps is the least comfortable mode and is fallen into disuse. The system consists of two adjustable straps (shoulder straps) of canvas, nylon or other material, fixed to the neck of the bottle and the cup of the base, and a strap “sub-cutal” or “between legs”, which passes between the legs of the diver and comes to attach to the ballast belt. This prevents the bottle from coming out of the head (uncapele) when the diver jumps into the water or when it descends upside down.


The back pack is composed of a set of straps attached to an anatomical piece, in high-strength plastic, which makes it more convenient to place the bottle on the diver’s back. The bottle is fastened by a quick de-locking strap to the dorsal support, from which two shoulder straps and a waist strap (which replaces the “sub-cutal” strap come out). Usually, the dorsal support has a “handle” to make it easier to transport the bottle.


With the appearance of modern diving vests, the bottle was fixed to the vest. Thus, this equipment has two functions: fix the bottle to the diver’s back and control its buoyancy. For now we have addressed the first of these functions, leaving the buoyancy control (Module 5).

The diving vest is basically a sturdy fabric bag, which can be filled with air to control the diver’s buoyancy. This bag is fixed to the bottle through a dorsal structure with a fastening strap. In some cases, the diving vest is even based on a structure similar to a dorsal support harness.

The vest has a setting that allows the diver to “view” him as a coat, adjusting it to the body through a set of straps. The solution of attaching the bottle to the vest is currently the most used, not only for the convenience and advantages it has, but also because the vest is a mandatory equipment.


There are several systems of fixing the bottle vest, below are represented the two most common systems on the market.


Both on the harness and in the vest, it is necessary to tighten the bottle strap tightly to prevent it from slipping during diving or during transport. If the strap is wet, tightening and fastening are more effective.