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Descent and Attitude During Diving

The descent should preferably be done from the feet down, with the diver clinging to a guide cable, so that he can easily control the descent, contact with the companion and not lose orientation.

In the first meters should compensate the ears frequently (always before feeling pain) and neutral buoyancy should be maintaining throughout the descent, adding small amounts of air to the vest. It is important to go down with the companion so that there can be mutual help in case of difficulty.

All diving must be done with neutral buoyancy (in hydrostatic balance), away from the bottom and with all the equipment well attached (octopus, pressure gauge, etc.), so that it does not drag around the bottom. Preferably, the body should be horizontal and the fins slightly up, so as to avoid touching the bottom so as not to damage the marine environment. See the “10 golden rules of the good diver” (Module 18 – The Marine Environment).