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Definition of mental coaching

Psychosocial care after a diving mishap (this may be a diving accident or a diving incident), is provided by volunteers from the mental coaching team (MCT) and consists of four stages.

In the initial stage is the first psychosocial relief activity directly after a diving mishap (usually by a rescuer who is a diver and also trained by the mental coaching team). The purpose of this relief is to reduce the initial sense of stress and to identify the psychosocial needs (who needs to be informed? …). If it turns out that after the first intervention, the diver suffers from long-term complaints, such as sleep problems, behavioural changes, eating disorders or concentration difficulties, it is best to refer them to the mental coaching team. The MCT can then set up a short support procedure.

If this counselling process proves insufficient, the MCT will refer to person for professional assistance, such as a psychotherapist, mental health centre or a centre for general welfare work. Finally, the MCT will contact the affected person after an intervention to verify whether the intervention has proved adequate. In the event of a fatal accident, a club-level debriefing can be organised.