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M4 – The Scuba Gear

The equipment carried by the diver is called an autonomous Scuba Gear, which allows him to evolve autonomously underwater, allowing him a submerged time of permanence that he would never be able to dive into apnea.

This equipment consists primarily of:

  • A high-pressure tank with a tap.
  • A tank fixing system.
  • A regulator.

This very simple set (very heavy in dry but extraordinarily light in water) allows the diver to breathe safely underwater, whatever depth it is.

The diver, when exhaling, releases the air directly into the water, so this equipment is called an “open circuit”. There are also “closed-circuit” and “semi-closed circuit”, in which the expiration is not direct to the water, but passes through a chemical filter that allows to breathe back the unused oxygen, but these equipment are not part of the scope of this course.


  1. What is autonomous scuba gear.
  2. Features of the diving tanks.
  3. Which means the recordings in the tanks.
  4. The care to be taken with the bottle.
  5. The two main types of faucets.
  6. What is the function of the toric joint (o-ring).
  7. What systems are used in fixing the bottle.
  8. What function does the regulator have.
  9. What are the main parts of a regulator.
  10. What is the emergency regulator and what it’s for.
  11. Care to be taken with the regulator.
  12. Properly assemble the components that make up the scuba gear.
  13. What are the steps to follow in checking the equipment by the dive buddy.